Food Story Coaching

Presenter: Ian Rubin, MA
Original Date: February 11, 2024

The common practice by most practitioners of primarily focusing on the delivery of new nutritional information, advice, suggestions and protocols disempowers clients/patients by overloading them with information that overwhelms and paralyzes them. This leads to negative feelings of guilt, shame and judgment, lowering the quality of patient mental health due to feelings of “failing” to make the desired dietary changes, along with thoughts of “I could have/would have/should have done better.” Food Story Coaching® offers an empowerment-first model that improves clients’ readiness, willingness and ability to implement dietary changes they already know will help them, while preparing them to be more open and able to take on new advice from their practitioner. This behavior change approach explores a patient's relationship with nutritional choices, including past history with food, motivation behind current behavioral patterns, as well as attachments and identity with food. Having accomplished this, Food Story Coaching® then focuses on improving the clients’ relationship with food by boosting confidence, agency and self-efficacy, enhancing overall mental health while also leading to greater program adherence and sustainability in dietary change. Adding this perspective and skillset to your repertoire will lead to improved patient outcomes in both mental and physical health.

1.5 General CEUs pending approval by OBNM

Price: $55.00