Naturopathic Approaches to Colon Cancer

Presenter: Eliot Edwards, ND

Original Date: October 22, 2017

Colon cancer is the 3rd most common type of cancer in both men and women in the US. Naturopathic Physicians in a general medicine practice will inevitably see patients who have been diagnosed with colon cancer, or have a strong family history and thus risk factors for developing cancer. What is the role of the ND for these patients?

Dr. Edwards reviews colon cancer including risk factors, symptoms, assessment and diagnosis, as well as conventional oncology treatment based on NCCN guidelines. Dr. Edwards discusses the strengths and limitations of naturopathic support during conventional cancer care. He explains how naturopathic medicine can help to minimize or manage side effects related to chemotherapies and radiation. He also covers contraindications of naturopathic therapies during conventional treatment. Lastly, he presents naturopathic, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to help prevent colon cancer as well as support patients being treated for colon cancer. Diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation can highly influence the underlying factors which promote the development of GI cancer. This presentation provides an overview of these factors as they relate to naturopathic primary care.

1.5 CEUs (including 0.5 pharmacy & 1.0 general)approved by OBNM

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